Headset Mic Boly BL-HS01

by Boly
Headset Microphone BL-HS01   For the Boly Body pack transmitters    
Product Description
Innovative, reliable and lightweight, this microphone is perfect for Advertising show,lecturers, instructors,sportscasters and for others who requires high quanlity vocal pickup in a hand-free application.
●Elegance design, with simply outline.
●All the metal surface are special treatment, gorgeous in texturize.
●Hight flexibiliy of its mic arm, could adjustable to be a best effect picup.
●With electret condenser cartridge, provide a high sound quanlity, suitable for high vocal situation.
●Excellent PU wire, perfect in abrasion resistant and tensile property.
Technicial parameters
Polar pattem:   Unidirectional           
Mic diameter:  Φ9.7*5.2mm  
Sensitivity:    - 47db±2db             
Frequency Range: 20-20KHZ           
Output Impedance: ≤680Ω              
Standard  Operation Voltage: 1.0V-10V.DC            
SNR:   ≥58db 
Mini 3 pin XLR Plug(photo shows mini Jack)                                 
Wire: 1.0m