Smoke machine 1500w DMX with 1 remote

by Sound to Light

CLUB1500 Smoke Machine DMX with 1 remote (2023 model)

A compact 1500W DMX smoke machine with fabulous smoke emissions, making it perfect for various premises. Equipped with a high quality heating element and a built-in big reservoir for smoke fluid.

  • 1500W DMX smoke machine
  • Stand alone mode or DMX or radio remote control
  • Thermostatically controlled heater
  • 2000ml smoke fluid tank
  • Radio Remote 

Heating element    1500W
Smoke volume per minute    20,000 Cu Ft (295m³) / min
Heat-up time (minutes)    8
Tank capacity    5000ml
DMX channels    1
Power Supply    240Vac / 50Hz
Dimensions    465 x 310 x 210mm
Weight    7kg