by Antari

This durable, compact size HZ-100 conveniently lends itself to stage, concert and movie work where ease of operation is can simply attach the optional HC-1 Timer Controller to the HZ-100 and adjusts the timers interval and duration settings at ease.

Power : AC100V/AC120V/AC230V/AC240V,50Hz-­60Hz
Output : 1,000 cu.ft / min
Tank Capacity : 2.5 liters
Fluid Consumption Rate: 25 hr / liter
Optional Remotes : HC-1(Timer Remote), HCR-1(Wireless Remote)
Air Pressure : 30 Psi
Weight : 12 Kg
Dimensions (mm) : L 484 W 250 H 236
Liquid Used : Antari HZL-1 Liquid (Hazer Liquid) Only
Function: On/Off only; DMX not available