Boly Black lapel Microphone

by Boly
Sound To Light Ltd
Introduce BOLY Microphones to NZ.

Black lapel Microphone
This Lapel Mic will only work with the Boly Body pack Products we sell.
Lavalier Microphone BL-LP1
Works with our BL5400 and BL5200 systems

Product Description
Touches well, the tone is clear and energetic with the carefully chosen unidirectional condenser microphone cartridge.Its excellent anti-jamming function helps you focus on it, and perform your style of
speaking and hosting perfectly to acquire more popularity from the audience.

1. All metal; small and exquisite; very fashion.
2. Special process with the surface, feel very smooth and durable.
3. Unidirectional; full and clear tone sounds very well.
4. Small and exquisite iron collar clip is very easy to use.
5. Lighter, soft connecting configuration has good shielding effect and balanced output function.

Technical specifications
Polar pattern: unidirectional
Mic diameter: Φ9.7*5.2 mm
Frequency Range: 20-20KHz
Output Impedance: ≤680Ω
SNR: >58dB
Standard Operation Voltage: 1.0V-10V.DC
Wire: 1.0m