Enttec DMXStreamer

by Enttec

Please allow up to 10 days delivery time.

General Description

The DMXStreamer is the most valuable DMX512 tool you will find. This product records any DMX512 stream for up to 48 hours. You simply play your lighting sequence and record it with the DMXStreamer. You can then play it back when you need it, or automaticaly based on time of day with the inbuilt astronomical real time clock.

Already used in hundreds of venues around the world, this unit is great for any architectural work thanks to the inbuilt clock and scheduling features or simply backing up a lighting control system in case problems occur. The automatic backup will start a predefined show if there is loss of DMX signal.

A recording time estimate chart is available in the user manual.


Major Features

  • DMX512 streaming recorder/playback system
  • Full 512 channel streaming recorder
  • Up to 26 shows
  • Up to 48 hours of real time recording



The DMXStreamer fits into a robust 9.5 inch 1 Unit rack.