Hill Audio Zoning Mixer ZPR4620

by Hill
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ZPR4620 | 4-ZONES

The ZPR-4620 4-Zone mixer is the most versatile choice for medium-sized multi-zone sound systems build around a stereo main zone. The unique CascadeZone © concept allows the three additional mono zones to either carry the same signal as the stereo zone or any of the 6 individual input signals. All essential controls are located on the front panel, while some specific settings can only be made on the rear panel. This includes zone adjustments like maximum level settings, equalization and 100Hz Highpass filters. The combination of front-panel and rear-panel controls make this unit ultimately flexible while still being user-friendly even for less experienced operators.

  • 6 stereo input channels (4xLine, 2xPhono/Line) with 2-color signal/peak LED and front-panel gain control
  • 45mm smooth dual-rail input channel faders
  • 1 balanced stereo input (FOH input)
  • Front panel 3.5mm stereo TRS input
  • 2x Mic inputs with rear-side 1/4” TRS connectors, one with additional front-side Combo connector
  • 12V phantom power for microphones by internal jumper
  • Voice-specific 3-Band EQ plus “on air” switches for mic inputs
  • Adjustable auto talk-over for automatic music level reduction when microphone is used
  • Master section with one stereo output zone (dual 10 LED level meter) and three mono output zones (5 LED level meters)
  • CascadeZone ©: Mono zone sources selectable from Inputs 1-6 or stereo Master signal
  • Each output zone with rear-side adjustable maximum level control
  • Each output zone with both balanced XLR and Phoenix connectors; stereo zone with additional unbalanced RCA output
  • Rear side EQs: 3-band for stereo zone, 2-band or every mono zone
  • 100Hz switchable HP filter and microphone exclusion switch for mono zones
  • Emergency input which shuts down master output when emergency signal comes in and plays emergency signal instead
  • Output mute contact to externally mute the output
  • PFL section with volume control and front-side 6.3mm stereo jack
  • Unbalanced record output
    • Signal/Noise >82dB (Line)
    • Crosstalk Damping >65dB (Line)
    • THD <0.05% (Line)
    • Frequency response 20Hz – 20 kHz
    • Dimension 483.0×133.5×183.5 mm WxHxD
    • Weight 4.2 kg
    • EMC/Safety Compliance:

      • EU safety: EN 60065:2001 +A1
      • EU EMC: EN55103-1:1997, EN55103-2: 1997
      • US safety: UL60065
      • US EMC: FCC Part 15

      This product meets both the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.

      Environmental Compliance:

      • This product is manufactured in accordance with EG directive 2002/95/EG of the European Union on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS).
      • This product does not contain more than 0.1% of weight of the SVHCs listed in annex XIV of the REACH regulation EC 1907/2006.