LSC Clarity QX1 Node

by LSC

Please allow up to 14 days delivery time.

The LSC Clarity QX products are DMX512-A decoders (Nodes).
They connect to a standard computer (PC or Mac) via the USB port and provide either 1 (QX1), 2 (QX2) or 4 (QX4) DMX512-A outputs. The QX nodes integrate directly to the LSC Clarity software and appear automatically as possible output devices on Clarity's Patch Window.

Each output port complies to the latest DMX512 specification and is fully RDM compatible. In addition, each port on the QX2 and QX4 is electrically isolated from every other output as well as the computer to ensure that "common-mode" voltages cannot cause any DMX512 data problems.

A multi-colour LED indicator located near each output indicates when the output is active, when it is sending DMX512 data and when it is handling RDM data. A similar LED near the USB connector indicates a valid USB connection or any errors detected.

The QX1 is housed in an extended DMX512 XLR style 5-pin connector as part of an 40cm inline cable. The QX2 and QX4 are each housed in a sturdy ABS plastic case and are designed to be rugged and durable.

The QX Nodes are designed to get their power from the USB port on your computer or from a USB hub.

Due to the wide variety of USB ports on computers and hubs, sometimes there may be not enough power available for the QX2 or QX4 devices. Note that this is a problem of the hub or computer as the QX products power requirements are designed within the USB specification. If there is insufficient power from these devices there there is an external power input where a Plug-Pack can be plugged in to provide sufficient power for the QX2/QX4.
The QX1 has no external power input and doesn't require one.

  • Integrates directly with any PC or Mac via USB;
  • Provides 1(QX1), 2 (QX2) or 4 (QX4) DMX-512 outputs;
  • All outputs are RDM capable;
  • Each output on the QX2 and QX4 has 1500V galvanic isolation from any other output and the computer;
  • USB 1.1 compatible;
  • Multicolor LEDs indicate DMX512 data, RDM data or collisions on outputs;
  • Multicolor LED on USB port indicates connection status including errors (QX2 and QX4 only);
  • Powered off computer's USB port;
  • Supplementary power input socket (Plug Pack) on QX2 and QX4;
  • Small rugged ABS housing;