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COB LED PAR light projects from a rectangular or circular area to form a regular exposure plane. It can create very real spectacular highlights, better simulate radiation, and create scattered shadows. Functions include: making the stage picture clearer; enabling the audience to see clearly what is happening on the stage or some corners of the stage which can not be seen; strengthening the effect of stage performance; to meet the needs of the plot, make the background appear natural, play a foil, hint and induce the development of the plot, adjust the atmosphere (actors, audience); guide the audience's sight; shaping the stage performance; to mold character image, foil emotion and show stage illusion; to create the space environment needed in the play; to display the space-time transformation, highlight the contradictions and conflicts of drama, strengthen the stage rhythm, and enrich the artistic appeal.

As a kind of warm light source, the surface light usually illuminates the whole stage area from the top or both sides, paving and dyeing the basic light for the stage and illuminating the front of the characters. COB light needs to be spread evenly over the entire stage, its light is soft, mainly plays a lighting role, provides a good shooting effect for photography.

one of the classical COB LED lighting designed and created uniquely, really ideal for theaters, churches, TV studios, photography studios, fashion shows, stage performances, musical shows,etc.

*CRI(Color Rendition Index):Ra:90

*good substitution for traditional par cans with too much heat,no need of dimmer packs;

*Stretched aluminium housing looking comely, streamline forming;

*color filter gel frame included;

*safety wires included;

*Power in powerCON/blue, Power out powerCON/grey equipped;

*blue LCD display;

*new PWM dimming electronical theory applied: 12 dimmer frequencies optional from 1.1KHz to 25 KHz;

*real 16 bit fine dimmer for very smooth,even dimmer;

*ten programs with each max. 60 steps can be customized;

*five dimming modes: standard,stage, TV,theater,architectural;

*PFC electronic power supply;

*copper pipe plus silent fans for excellent heat radiation;

*PFC electronic power supply;

*linear zooming from 23° to 53°;

*Equipped with 1*LED WHITE:JAPAN MADE CITIZEN,MAX. 176W,Ra 90,2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K/5700K OPTIONAL,5,000 hours

*driving IC and capacitors from Japan and European unions equipped for steady constant current outputs;

*intelligent temperature self controlling: self adjusting temperature to protect at the time of max. temperature happening;

*precise Fresnel lens equipped;

AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: max. 190W 

0-100% linear dimming, separate strobe

DMX 512 protocol, master/slave, auto, sound active with adjustable sound sensitivity

3/7 DMX channel modes

Running temperature self controlling

Displaying off 5 seconds automatically after finishing sets of the fixture

Environmental temperature: -20℃ to 40℃

Hanging brackets included: floor stand/hanging on the truss

Net weight: 4.20kgs

Dimensions:510*290*260mm(L*W*D)(hanging bracket placed vertically)



Channel 1 – dimmer from darkness to full brightness

Channel 2 – linear zooming

Channel 3 – reset




Channel 1 – dimmer from darkness to full brightness

Channel 2 – dimmer fine

Channel 3 – strobe from slow to fast,random,pulse

Channel 4 – dimmer modes

Channel 5 – color fade

Channel 6 – linear zooming

Channel 7 – reset