Enttec Pixel Link

by Enttec

Please allow up to 10 days delivery time

Extend your Pixel Control

Go past the physical barriers and extend your Pixel Control system, by using ENTTEC PLink products. The Plink extender allows mounting of your Pixie driver far away from the pixel tape or pixel dot.
Data Is transmitted over standard CAT6 cable using our proprietary Plink protocol. Power is then re-injected using the Plink Injector. These products are meant to work with ENTTEC Pixel Control products only.

PixieLinker (5V) PIXIELINKER $112.00

The Pixie linker plugs straight into the Pixie driver and allows you to send the Plink data over standard CAT6 cabling.
Note: Works with with 5V Pixie Driver (73540/73541) only.

PLink Injector PLINK INJECTOR 5,12,24VDC $140.00

The Plink injector converts Plink data from the Pixelator or Pixie Drivers using the PixieLinker. 5V, 12V or 24V Power is re-injected from an external power source